Honey Bear

Meet Baby Honey Bear

Honey Bear, the rescued Black Bear cub, quickly grew into this little lady bear:

Honey Bear Standing in Pool

Calling all New Bern Bears:
There are two live Bears in Melrose, Florida, who need your help.

The Bears are Honey Bear, a Black Bear, and her best friend,
Bruiser Bear, a Syrian Brown Bear.

If you could donate just $2 to their fundraising campaign, you will be making a difference in their lives.  If you could donate more, even better.

Click here to donate: https://www.singlevisioninc.org/donate/

Honey Bear Pool Side

her best friend

And her best friend Bruiser the Diving Bear

Bruiser the Diving Bear

have been rescued by

Single Vision Inc Forever Home




Need Your Help 2

Click here to donate: https://www.singlevisioninc.org/donate/

Need Your Help

Here are a few of the ways you can help Single Vision:

The ever growing needs of protecting endangered wildlife comes with an ever growing “Wish List” of items you can easily donate.

Wish List

Donation Wish List for the endangered wildlife at www.SingleVisionInc.org

Volunteer laborers

Gift cards from Lowes, Home Depot, Walmart

Galvanized pools

Big cat enclosure (lumber, chain link, metal or wood posts)

Small animal enclosure (lumber, chain link, metal or wood posts)

Treated lumber

Cattle/Hog panels

Chain link (11.5 or 9 gauge)

Feed barrels

8’ chest freezers or larger

Anything you think can be used to build a platform or enclosure (big or small)

Fencing of any kind as long as it is not rotted can be put to use

Garbage cans

Large plastic containers


Tie straps

Extension cords



PVC piping



Boomer Balls (boomerball.com)

Dog kennels/houses/crates

Dog food (we will take any brand but Ol’ Roy is preferred)


Extra large food bowls

Animal beds


Utility sheds

Outdoor maintenance equipment

Leftover hardware for building (screws, nails, hooks, fasteners…)

Big cat toys
(anything that could have been a cat toy but 10x bigger or industrial sized)

Used surfboards and water toys

Bruiser The Surfing Bear Needs A New Surfing Board



Click on this pic to see video:Baby Pool Full of Baby Bears

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 Thank You!!!