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Welcome to 
The Alumni and Reunion Website and Blog for
New Bern Senior High School Alumni, Family and Friends. Webmaster:
Margaret Scott Lynch of the NBSHS Class of 1977, aka MaggieTheGeek

This website was originally created to have a central posting site, open to all Alum, to display information for the NBSHS Class of 1977’s 35th Reunion celebration.  During the initial designing process, it became obvious that a common web site that did not require registration and membership fees but was filled with current news and information about NBSHS classmates,  as well as a site filled with reunion info, would be useful as well as fun for all.

Why NBSHS Retro Radio?
In addition to current news and info, there is nothing like the music of the 70’s to bring back high school memories and thus the NBSHS Retro Radio, filled with our favorite tunes, was created, too.  The theme of the free streaming music is Retro.  Although the majority of the songs are from the 70’s, there are songs from before and after that from the musical artists who influenced our lives.

Website Dedication:
This website,, is dedicated to The Teachers, The Staff and Classmates of New Bern Senior High School.  Please click here to see full Dedication note.

Website Operation and Maintenance:
Margaret Scott Lynch, Class of 1977, aka MaggieTheGeek is the owner, operator and designer of www.NBSHS.comClick here to contact: Maggie The Geek

Website Use:  This website should operate with any browser.  If you have any issues, please let me know.  You should be able to view this website with a smart phone but it may lose original formatting.

Retro Radio Use:  Retro Radio has over 1,377 free streaming musical files.  To Play the new Retro Radio Music Player, your computer or smart phone must be able to play Flash files.  Unfortunately, iPhones and iPads do not readily play Flash Files.  If you are not sure if you have Flash Player or not, just try playing the music; if it doesn’t work then you probably don’t have the most recent Flash Player installed.  Click here to download a Free version of Adobe’s Flash Player.

I hope that you all enjoy this site and feel free to share it with other NBSHS Alum as well as your family and friends. Go Bears!

Your friend and classmate,

Margaret Scott Lynch, Class of 1977
aka MaggieTheGeek


Class Reunions for New Bern Alums

Hello New Bern High School Alum!  Are you having a class reunion?  Well, if you are and you want to post info on this site, please don’t hesitate to call your fellow alum, Margaret Scott aka MaggieTheGeek.  Leave a message here or call me at 919-272-5252.

I can help you with all of your Reunion Needs…trust me, been there, done that, even bought the t-shirts!

Go Bears!

Margaret Scott Lynch, NBSHS Class of 1977


Plans for The Class of 1977 40th Reunion are underway.  If you want to help, contact Carolyn Sampson.


The Class of 1977 35th Reunion was held on the weekend of October 12th – 13th

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