Hello NBSHS Alumni,

Welcome to www.NBSHS.com; our own permanent web and posting site! With www.NBSHS.com, we now have one central location to post news and information and it is open to all alum, all the time.  There are no membership dues and there is no need to register or set up an account in order to use this website or to read others’ comments. However, for Spam Prevention Purposes, if you want to post a comment on this site, you will have to register your email address to do so.  Don’t worry, your email address will not be shared with anyone.  Before you attempt to post comments, please click here to read Forum Rules.

Attention New Bern Senior High School Class of 1977, we have our own personalized site that is linked from this page.  Look for the link to Class of 1977 in the above tab bar.

Have you heard about our new online Retro Radio music player?  Be sure to check out the free music player that has over 1,377 songs from the 70’s loaded to play.  You’ll also find the links to various versions of the NBSHS Rally song, The Horse, at our Retro Radio site.

Be sure and check out all of the site links to find more fun and useful information.  Hope you enjoy this site and find it useful.  Please feel free to share it with other NBSHS Alums as well as your family and friends.  If your class would like to have its own personalized site like the Class of 1977, feel free to contact me to discuss it.

Your friend and fan,

Margaret Scott Lynch, Class of 1977
aka MaggieTheGeek

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